Children and Adolescents
Parents, we welcome you to bring your children and adolescents to us for evaluation and treatment.  We can help with behavioral symptoms such as hyperactivity, oppositional and defiant attitudes, anger, tantrums, and conduct problems such as lying, stealing, and aggression towards others.  We can help with childhood and teenage depression and anxiety.  We will design an appropriate treatment plan and then follow through with therapy and treatment.  We offer therapy for young children in a warm, supportive environment.  We also offer therapy for teenagers, and involve parents and families wherever needed.  We conduct behavior planning sessions with parents, to help strengthen and optimize your current approach to your child's behavior.

Anxiety in Adults
Commonly occurring anxiety disorders include panic disorder, social phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, specific phobias, and generalized anxiety disorder. These disorders can often be debilitating, and even in their milder forms they can impair functioning and prevent you from reaching your personal and social potential.  Dr. Janit and several of our therapists have extensive training and experience working with people who suffer from anxiety.  The general treatment model is cognitive-behavioral therapy, which research suggests is highly effective in addressing anxious symptoms.  There are several educational and behavioral components to the treatment, including a gradual face-your-fears approach to the situations you fear.  The treatment is done in a very supportive environment.

Mood Disorders in Adults
Commonly occurring mood disorders include major depression, persistent depression, and bipolar disorder. The symptoms can be debilitating and can prevent you from achieving your life goals.  Treatment goes beyond symptom relief, and helps you reclaim your life and accomplish greater life goals. The general mode of treatment is cognitive-behavioral therapy, including supportive, educational, and behavioral components and an examination of the beliefs that underlie your depressive symptoms.  We can assist you with decreasing irritability and agitation, and bringing angry outbursts under control.  We can help you improve relationships with family, friends, and intimate partners by developing greater respect, empathy, and equality.  If necessary, your therapist will collaborate with your physician or psychiatrist to assure an appropriate combination of therapy and medication.


Post-traumatic symptoms include intense fear, startling easily, mistrust, angry outbursts, despair, flashback memories, nightmares and disturbed sleep, and social withdrawal.  These can be the result of physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional and verbal abuse, or witnessing or going through life-threatening situations.  Our therapists will provide you the support and comfort you need while tackling your fears and processing your thoughts, in order to increase your ability to manage everyday situations and reclaim your peace of mind.

Alcohol, drug, and other addictions are complex problems that can interfere with healthy functioning and place strain on relationships.  Some of our clients are self-referred, whereas others are referred by loved ones, physicians, or employers.  It can be difficult to find the motivation to change.  Your therapist will help you increase motivation, identify relapse triggers, replace unhealthy behaviors with healthier ones, better handle negative emotions, and reclaim your life.

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