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What can a psychological evaluation do for you or your child?
Accurate assessment is a crucial first step in diagnosis.  With an accurate diagnosis, the most appropriate treatment can be selected.  We gather information through a collaborative clinical interview, relevant background information, previous records, behavioral observations, and advanced psychological testing. We are therefore able to perform a fine-grained analysis of your psychological symptoms, generate appropriate treatment recommendations, and deliver the information to you in a detailed report and a feedback meeting.

Intellectual deficits and learning disabilities
Intellectual testing can yield information about general intelligence, verbal ability, perceptual ability, processing speed, and memory.  Academic testing can help determine the presence of a learning disability in areas such as mathematics, reading, and written expression.  The results of testing can help determine the need for special accommodations in the classroom or work setting.  Results can reveal personal strengths and weaknesses, and might suggest the potential for advancement and promotion in the workplace or advanced placement classes for students.


You might suspect that you or your child has symptoms of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  It is important to rule out alternate explanations for inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior. Alternate explanations include intellectual deficits, learning disabilities, behavioral problems, and emotional symptoms such as anxiety and depression.  A comprehensive test battery, including tests designed specifically to assess ADHD, helps us identify what underlies the symptoms.  Our results help doctors and patients determine whether medication is an appropriate treatment strategy, and whether behavioral approaches and psychotherapy are necessary.

Autism Spectrum Disorders
By gathering information in several different ways, we can identify the presence of a neurodevelopmental disorder such as Autistic Disorder or Asperger's Disorder (mild Autism).  In diagnosing children we will engage in one-on-one interaction, an in-depth clinical interview with the parent, cognitive testing, and testing designed specifically to detect the presence of symptoms and estimate the likelihood of an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  We offer therapy, behavior planning, and social skills training for children, teenagers, and adults 
who have Autism symptoms.

Behavioral and emotional symptoms
Children and adults experience emotional distress and disturbances in behavior for a number of reasons. When the reasons for the symptoms are unclear, a psychological evaluation can help.  We can determine whether children's behavior at home and school is within reasonable limits, or whether there is cause for concern.  The results of a diagnostic evaluation can help clarify the nature and origin of oppositional and defiant behavior, and more serious conduct problems.  Symptoms might be explained by an ADHD diagnosis, or might constitute a separate behavioral or emotional disorder.

Personality and social functioning
Stable character traits, personality patterns, and social functioning emerge in the mid-to-late teens and early adult years.  People are often curious about these patterns, and seek to understand and enhance them in the interest of personal growth.  Others recognize a distinct problem with their personal or social functioning, and seek individual and group psychotherapy to help understand and change their patterns of emotional reactivity and behavior.  A comprehensive personality assessment helps provide the necessary insight and direction.

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